Education is not merely the written word. It should parallely engage with innovative, imagination-fostering tools like the arts, games, theatre, photography, music, meditation, writing, and cooking. We also believe that a child needs to root herself in the rich values and traditions that define our country. She needs to own herself fully before she can give to others.

Kartavya's two-storey student-centre building will be the hub of activities that will ingrain in the child a proud sense of the heritage of her country and allow her to link it to her own cultural milieu. These activities will also enable the child to receive the age-old gifts and traditions that are her legacy and use these to expand and deepen her life.

The student-centre will be built on an approx. area of 12000 sq. ft., and would incur an expenditure of about Rs 1.8 cr. @ Rs.1500 per sq. ft. It will have an auditorium (3000 sq. ft.), a gymnasium (1000 sq. ft.), a badminton court (2500 sq. ft.), a library (1250 sq. ft.), a table-tennis room (750 sq. ft.) and a multipurpose hall (750 sq. ft.).

The student-centre will be a bright, sunny, airy, and colourful place - a space for both silence and vibrance. Here children will read sacred texts together and understand how different religions all point to one source. Singing hymns in chorus will teach them harmony. Here they will learn to be still and understand themselves better through meditation, while yoga teaches them discipline of the body. Here they will enjoy playing with their friends in the indoor games facility and learn the value of friendship, the importance of team-spirit, the use of strategy and many more lessons–all in fun. It is here that they will have energetic discussions on issues ranging from personal hygiene to taking care of mother earth.

The doors of the universe would swing open for them as they perform the radical act of first picking up a book from the library; may be it is here that they would develop an understanding of poetry as well, and empathy for others. Perhaps this space would also teach them the true meaning of success, and this would truly ground them in the world in the future.

Dayananda Saraswati

Dayananda Saraswati
(12 February 1824 - 30 October 1883) great revivalist, socio-religious activist, author, Arya Samaj founder, Social reformer

"Give the world the best you have and best will come back to you."