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Safety rules

  1. Through & through barbed wire fencing around the complex is set up to prevent trespassers.
  2. Security check post at every entry point/ gates with metal detector to detect weapons, drugs and other contraband materials.
  3. Deployment of adequate number of personal or warden in school premises to maitain disipline and orderliness.
  4. Children are prevented to roam on construction site by deployment of guard or proper barricade.
  5. Adiqate space or ventilation maintained to avoid any suffocation or claustrophobic condition.
  6. Each class room, hostel, laboratory and library equipped with CCTV surveillance camera, thermal imaging camera, fire detector and fire alarm bell.
  7. Alert systems deployed on inputs from camera.
  8. Restricted movement within the premises with selective entries at specific areas.
  9. Electric wires fully insulated by PVC and power trasmission cabels laid underground passing through special zone free from any vegetation.
  10. Sewers are securely coverd and appropriate marking is done in bold red colour.
  11. Two staircases connected to each floor equipped with emergency alarm bell and infrared camera.
  12. For the safety during natural disater, we organize seminars, shows and practices related to these issues to prevent casualty.
  13. Flammable and carcinogenic materials are strictly prohibited inside classroom, hostel, library auditorium and canteen.
  14. Store room for hazardous material like LPG, Kerosene and strong chemicals is equipped with fire extinguisher and automatic sprinkler.
  15. Children are prohibited and prevented to walk on roof, terrace.
  16. All electrical gadgets are fully protected with insulating frame to prevent touch.
  17. Windows and all other openings are completely safeguarded by iron grill.
  18. Appointing school safety advisory committee to develop and implement the safety plan with representatives from all section of the school community-board member, administrators, teachers, staffs, students and parents.
  19. Forming rapid action team to combat with natural disasters, fire, falling hazard, chemical accident, civil disturbance, explosive/ bomb threat and hostage/ kidnapping.
  20. Each classroom, lab and library will be equipped with first aid kit.
  21. Water bodies like swimming pool and water storage tank are surrounded by boundry to prevent the children to access it.
  22. 24 x 7 ambulance facility will be available.
  23. Parking lot for school bus or other vehicle and roads to be at adequate distance from the walkaway of children and roadways are barricaded both sides.
Vinoba Bhave

Vinoba Bhave
(11 September 1895 - 15 November 1982) A great freedom fighter, spiritual visionary, A polyglot, Philosopher

"We have seen from experience that, if we are in the habit of walking regularly on the same road, we are able to think about other things while walking, without paying attention to our steps."