Khoj-Ek Utsav

Kartavya has been organizing ‘Motivate - Inspire – Support’ programmes in different areas of Maharashtra amongst the economically weak and deprived, since July 2014. These children come from an underprivileged background, and to them education is usually an uninteresting, if not soul-sucking and boring chapter. The thought behind ‘Khoj – Ek Utsav’ is to kindle a spark in the child, to celebrate the excitement and forgotten joy of learning and experience the seeking spirit that characterizes true learning.


We invite people from all walks of life and corporate sponsors to come forward and support this programme. We never think twice about contributing to religious festivities, whether financially or through our presence. Learning is the true religion for these children born into challenging circumstances, and being mostly first generation learners, hardly have anyone to encourage them. Can’t we, people who have social, financial and educational privileges, muster our resources to help them into a brighter future?

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa
(26 August 1910 - 5 September 1997) Saint of the Gutters, devoted servant of the God, mother of the world, founder of Missionaries of Charity, an Angle of Mercy

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”