We need people like you to take this work forward! If you are a technical whiz with superlative skills in video editing and social media, or if you are the kind who would love to document our processes or contribute your ideas and words to "Khoj - Ek Utsav", you're the one we are looking for! Please fill in your details in the form provided beow and we will revert to you as soon as possible.

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Why Should You Join Hands With Us?

By joining Kartavya Charitable Trust, you get the unique opportunity to channel your actions and efforts to support effective, proven initiatives that are delivering results in the poorest places of the planet, by protecting and raising an underprivileged child. Kartavya Charitable Trust asks you to lend your voice and expertise to help this cause. When you join 'Kartavya' you join millions of people all over the world who believe that "where you live" shouldn't determine "whether you live".

  1. You would empower a community of children (who would otherwise remain powerless and uneducated) and make them into citizens worthy of the world's respect and recognition.
  2. You would help in generating employment in society, through the roles of teachers, caregivers and administrators to a considerable section of India's young population, thereby further utilizing the country's manpower and contributing to her growth.
  3. You would be contributing to a project that develops vast tracts of land into green, breathing zones peopled by and cared for by children.