Donation Refund policy

Kartavya Charitable Trust is stating a donation refund policy to maintain the transparency in a view to avoid misconception related to utilization of donors' fund. To get your donation refund, donors are requested to write, claiming with proper reason, to Kartavya Charitable Trust expects that all donors will exercise due care and diligence while making donations. Trust also ascertains that a donation may be made imprudently or donors may change their mind immediately after making donation. It should be noted that the Trust is not always assure to make refunds under all circumstances but the decision to decline the request or claimwill always be under the discretion of the Trust specifically whenthe tax exemption certificate would have been issued. Although the Trust will definitely examine each request related to claim of the donation and will definitely communicate with the donors on the earliest basis. The Trust will appreciate the claim would be within 5-6 working days and definitely before the issuance of the tax exemption certificate. .

The written request stating the proper reason for availing refund must be sent to the office address or to the above email id mentioning the following details:

  1. Date of donation
  2. Donation amount
  3. If donation was made through credit card, please provide Credit Card no (last 4 digits only)
  4. If donation was made online, please provide Donation-ID.

All the donors are requested to feel free to contact us at 022-2826 1348 / 982055 1348 to get clarification related to their donations during the office hours on all working days.