Know Your Country

Knowing your own country opens the eyes of children about the diversity that exists in India. Through the videos created specially to grasp the attention of children and keep them interested and wanting to know more about our country ‘Discovery of India’ plays an immense role in helping children build their knowledge base and also check their grasping ability.

This competition is designed to award children from the three qualifying teams and hence builds the competitive spirit in the children to win and also know the country and remember as much as they can in the limited time given. The session includes the basic knowledge about India which should be known by the children, the major Rivers, Plains, Plateaus and mountains and the basic physical features. All these in a play way method encourages children to learn something new and also gives them the zest to compete.

Know Your Kitchen

This is one of the most fun sessions made for the children to know about the basics while in the kitchen. In an interactive session with informative videos and questioning at the end of the round, the children learn about gender equality in kitchen, unhealthy and healthy food, the grains grown in India, and also food and kitchen safety.

Through the videos the children learn the basics about how they can be safe in the kitchen and what should be included in their diet to keep them healthy. They learn to distinguish between what food can be harmful to them and what can help them stay fit. This session will not only benefit the kids but also their parents when these teachings will be communicated by the children to them.

The awards are distributed to the children at the end of the session after the questioning round and two participants from each group is selected out of which one is awarded the final prize.

Snake and Ladder

The session envisages life in general where the children through the simple game of snakes and ladder learn how to handle success and get over failure. The basic aim of this session is to make children realize that they cannot be winning at all points in their life and neither will they face failure at all times, so in both situations it is their calm and presence of mind which will help them in getting over the situation and taking control of their lives once again.

One participant from each group wins and they are given 1st , 2nd and 3rd position. The students are awarded with Atlas, DIC, Watch and a Cycle to encourage them to play and also learn about life at the same time.

Awareness Session

This session focuses on the topics that are of utmost importance in the present as well as the future of the child. Children have very soft brains which can be moulded and misused to any person’s advantage. We at Kartavya through our awareness sessions make sure that our children realize how to deal with such people and situations by covering topics such as ‘Health and Hygiene’ ‘Sex Education’ ‘Say No To Drugs’ ‘Sanitation & Menstrual Health’, all this followed by the question and answer round. Designed for the 5th to the 10th grade children, twenty children are selected at the end of the round who answer the most number of questions correctly.

The aim of the session is to sensitize the children about the situations which will be dealt by them in future and how to properly face such situations of substance abuse due to peer pressure or menstrual problems or the health and hygiene issues.


This session is made to test the presence of mind of the children along with their confidence on stage. The basic structure of the competition remains the same where the children are given a topic on the spot and told to speak on it for a minute. This is an easy way of creating a friendly environment where the children will not be scared to speak on the stage hence giving away with their stage fright and also helps them build self-confidence for future.

Two participants are selected for the awards, one from each group. The topics given are basic and very easy to speak on.


Albert Einstein
(14 March 1879 - 18 April 1955) German-born American physicist and philosopher, Famous Scientist and Genius

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school."